Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Runner's World - A complete guide to running

So I'm into reading the runners world magazine at the moment (Aus/NZ version). 

In fact, I manage to score a whole lot (18!) of back issues from 2012-late 2014 really cheap off a trading website. It's amazing they can find so much to write about what is essentially a very basic sport! I'm sure it'll start repeating itself as I make my way through the stack but for now I'm enjoying having something to read that isn't baby/child or fashion related! 

I saw a special edition "complete guide to running" advertised but couldn't find any reviews or more detailed list of contents other than what was on the cover. 

I was stoked to find it included in my magazine stack so I am going to review it here for anyone else interested. 

It's a great size, A5, so easy to hold in one hand to read whilst sipping your latte, feeding your baby, dusting? (Not that I even own a duster). 

The format is similar to a magazine, with a two or four page spread on each topic, but it's informative rather than editorial (if you know what I mean.). Kinda a cross between a magazine and a book. 

I was going to give an overview of what's in it, but actually this photo of the contents says it all.  There's heaps in there.. of particular interest to me right now is the speed work aspect of training & health/injury, and I think the training schedule for a half marathon could come in handy too.

I think it's worth the $20 to buy it. I know it's going to find a home on our bookshelf indefinitely. 

You can get yourself a copy here:

Anyone else a total geek like me when it comes to reading about running? or just general fitness? Are there any other books out there that I need to get hold of?

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