Thursday, 19 February 2015

My plans for the month of March

1. Just keep running.  Longer, faster, stronger.  I've got a heap of magazines about running with ideas how to increase pace. I've just got to sit down and make a plan of how to go about it.

2. Get some new shoes. My Brooks were bought after baby #2 so they've been used for a lot of walking while I was pregnant with #3.  And apparently the walking motion is so different to the running motion that you shouldn't use the same pair of shoes for both.  So, just to save up the $270 required to buy this year's model of Adrenalines. Which happen to be very loud. And purple!  (oh well, at least they're not pink).
3. Shed a bit more body fat. Namely, reduce the waist/love handles. I don't have fancy body fat scales so I'll just have to do the old tape measure trick and watch the centimetres.  My theory is - lighter = faster.

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