Sunday, 22 February 2015

A 'proper' warm up?

I had an awesome 8 km run yesterday morning before church.  My fastest ever - 47 min 27 sec, which I was pretty happy with.

However, within half an hour of getting home, I noticed a rather unusual niggly pain on the outside of my right thigh.  It's not just that 'good sore' feeling in my quad after a good run.  It's one of those 'bad sore' feelings.

I've got a lovely facebook friend who's a physio so I briefly chatted to her about it.  She says it *could* be an Illiotibial band (ITB) issue.  This is something new to me so I spent some time on Google yesterday sussing it out.  It seems the most common symptom is actually knee pain (because that's where the ligament inserts), however, I'm not experiencing this.  Perhaps at this stage it's just 'tight' rather than 'injured' (if that makes sense).

Anyway, this week I'll be taking a break to protect myself from further injury.  Hopefully those pretty new shoes will be on special next week, then I'll snap them up and cover off the  possible cause of 'running on worn out shoes'.

I've always been a bit complacent about warming up, (if anything it's just been a 5 minute walk before breaking into a run!) but I'm going to be a bit more proactive about it from now on. 

This warm up routine showed up in my facebook newsfeed this morning so I've linked it here to give it a go from next week.  It looks pretty straightforward and sensible and only roughly 5 minute time commitment which sounds perfect by me.  Thanks,  :)

Physio friend has also suggested using a foam roller, which I know absolutely nothing about, so I've left that as something to google for another day!!


  1. Take it easy and let yourself recover! You'll be back to normal in no time.
    P.s - How do I follow your blog?