Thursday, 5 March 2015

New shoes!

New shoes! Hooray. Can't wait to test them out. 

These are the Brooks Adrenalin GTS 15 - this season's version of my current shoe (GTS 12). They look quite different in design (insert technical detail the shoe clinic dude told me here!!) but felt totally familiar on my feet walking around and on the treadmill. So, all that's left is to give them a whirl around the block and see how they go. 


I'm totally not a pink/purple person usually. But these are kind of fun! And an injection of girly spunk into my household of boys.

No filter on this shot, I promise. They really are this bright!!

That weird (possibly) ITB niggle of last week seems to have resolved itself with a bit of rest (5 days of no running then starting off with 2km to test it out. 5km today and all felt great. 

Still, will heed advice on easing into the new shoes over next week or so. 

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