Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A 'bad' run..

So every now and then, I have a 'bad' run. When it just feels like a struggle - achy joints (this week it's the hips) and just feeling sluggish.  It's a real battle to not get dragged down by that.

I've been running with the buggy on kindy mornings, as it's getting dark in the evenings now (and dinner time is stressful enough without having to coordinate everything to be ready by the time hubby gets home to look after the boys) and I've never been a morning person.  It's okay, and will have to do for now.

Yesterday I headed out at lunchtime, was feeling crappy, so ended up run/walking for a couple of kilometres. Decided I've give the steps at nearby park a go, ended up doing three repeats of that before baby decided he didn't want me to leave his side and lost his nut.  So we ran/walked home.  It wasn't a great workout and it didn't add anything to my fitness, but at least I tried, right??

In February I ran 46km with runtastic.  My goal for March was to increase it to 60km.

It's the 26th of March today and I've run 50.5km.  I'd love to get those last 10km in before the end of the month!!

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