Monday, 15 February 2016

Half Marathon #2, here we come!

Training for another half marathon is now underway! This event will be an off-road half marathon on forestry roads. It'll be quite different to my first, and I'm expecting it will take me quite a bit longer due to the conditions.  But that's good - no pressure for a PR compared to my first!

The race date is April 9th, 8 weeks away.  I had planned to use the same training plan as before, and begin 12 weeks out, but unfortunately I became quite unwell and had to take two weeks off from running to recover.  So I'm a bit 'behind' as such but I'll wing it for now (but sticking to the same formula with a long run, hill run and interval session).  

So far I've had a couple of long runs of 11km, and 14km, and the plan is to build slowly from there.  It feels good to be running longer distances again.  Watch this space for more training updates to come!

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