Thursday, 14 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been two months since my last update. It was November, I was building my distances again after being given orthotics by the sports med specialist, and instructed to start again from scratch. 

I've kept up with my running since then.  Around 5km, two or three times a week. Not amazing, but definitely 'good-enough'.

There's been no change to the foot numbness.  I have an appointment next week with an ultrasound technician who will look for any physical issues inside my foot, that may be compressing on that nerve. Failing that, I think the specialist might send me off for an MRI, but I'm hoping that's not required.  At my last appointment, he seemed reassured that there's no structural issue with my foot (no stress fractures, for example) and I'm in no significant pain, so it's okay to keep running for now. I'm not sure what to hope for with the ultrasound.  It would be good to have a reason why this is happening - but at the same time - if it's something that requires treatment, that'll be more set backs!

We had a family holiday up north in the New Year. I had the chance to explore around the area, check out a couple of nearby bays. It made running so much more fun! I realised how much of a rut I've been in, running the same streets all the time.  Of course, since my distances have been relatively small, I've been limited to as to where I can go!  I did a couple of 6km runs on holiday and surprised myself as to how good I felt, and how easy it was.  

The other day, I needed to drop something off at the local post office so I decided I'd drive there, park, and run from there, in order to get some different scenery.  What an inspired decision. I just kept going and going, and before long I'd hit 8km, and decided I'd add a few extra blocks to make it up to 10km. 

I was so pleased, it seems like such a milestone to achieve, and I haven't run that far since the half marathon back in August.

I'm feeling more inspired and I'm keen to lock in a half marathon to start training for.  Now that I know I can run 10km, I know I can train myself back up to 21!  I'm going to wait for my test results though, before booking in any particular event.

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