Sunday, 28 February 2016

Progress Report, February 2016

The month started off poorly in terms of my training plan - I succumbed to a bad head cold which meant I only clocked up 7km total in the first two weeks.  However, as frustrating as it was, I knew the complete rest was needed so that I could recover properly.  

I finished the month with a respectable 81km, 33km of which was run in the final week. Not bad! Still an improvement on January's total of 75km.


- The trail run around Massey/Summerhill with Sonia.  A casual, relaxed Saturday morning exploring some new territory. No focus on time. A few walk breaks and photo stops.

- Successfully completing my 18km long run over the weekend.  My longest run for six months (since the half marathon, and injury). I felt strong, capable, and felt like I managed my water and fuel intake well.  I've since officially entered the half marathon event that I've been training for!

- An interval run where I tested my 1km speed.  It came in at 4:55  which I was ecstatic about! The overall time for the 5km workout was also the fastest I've done for a while:  27:28 (5:28 min/kim average pace).  

Goals for March:

1) Tick off every training run in my plan (3 runs per week)
2) Continue with strength training twice a week
3) Hit 100km for the month
4) Do another 5km 'proper' time trial