Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Trail Running

I've always wanted to run the loop of trails nearby but have been too nervous to.  My new running buddy was keen to explore them with me.

We started around 8am on a sunny summer's morning.  We both agreed we'd take our time and enjoy it, walk if we need to.  After the first two or three sets of stairs we walked the rest to conserve energy.  At the top, the view out to the ranges was stunning, well worth the quick break to take a couple of snaps.

Love this pic! Sonia heading towards the ranges.

And me, enjoying the early morning sunshine

Once we'd finished the trail section we added another 4km loop along the river, back around the lagoon to the car.  We both found this the hardest part, feeling a little weary from the different terrain than we were used to!  Still, we finished, 14.01km by Sonia's watch and 14.27km by my app.

Below is the GPS elevation for the 14km run.. so many ups and downs!

It was one of those memorable runs, for the beautiful weather, different terrain, stunning scenery and fabulous company.  Just one of those runs when you remember why you love running.

There's always opportunities to act like a dork for the camera!

The next day or two I really felt the run in my quads, hip flexors and hip stabiliser muscles.  Such a good feeling though.  It really made me realise how much I'm missing out on, on the flat.  There's a lot to be gained by incorporating more hill work, and even stairs, into my training. 

Already looking forward to the next trail run we can do!

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