Monday, 15 February 2016

My very own Running Buddy!

Up until now, I've always run alone (apart from the odd occasion where I've managed to run with hubby if the grandparents are around). Most of the time it's being ready to step out the door as soon as the other half gets home from work. 

It's wonderful me-time for a stay at home mum. I usually crank the music up loud and work up a sweat. 

I had listened to a podcast by Alison King (Run for your life podcast) about the new running bird app - a chance for all those who run alone, due to isolation or other circumstances, to once a month complete a virtual run with hundreds/thousands of others at the exact same time. The interviewee talked a lot about her training partner and the friendship they had; how they had both gotten through many difficult runs together which the other to pull them along. 

It got me thinking. How neat it would be to have that kind of friendship. Not only that, but the accountability of having to meet someone once a week and actually complete what you say you will.

The only person I knew in this area, who runs the same sorts of distances I do, was Sonia.  We are both part of a running community called Team Run for your Life. I approached her and she was keen! Yay! We met that weekend for a 'get to know you run' and hit it off. 

She lives about 20 minutes drive from here, so we'll take turns driving to the other's house on a Saturday/Sunday morning to do our long run together. We're both training for the same half marathon coming up in a couple of months, so we have the same goals. 

I think this will be a great running friendship. 

Our first 'runfie' together. Love it!

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  1. So cool! I have to say I am so loving having a running buddy after trying to find one for quite some time!