Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Birthday Challenge

Last year I celebrated my birthday with a running 'first' - first time running the river track from end to end.  I thought I'd continue the tradition this year, with another challenge. This time: The Manawatu Gorge. 

I knew Sonia was keen to do it too; and our birthdays are a month apart, so what better way than to celebrate together!

We set off at 1.45 on a Saturday afternoon (tough time to run, most of my runs are evenings and some mornings, never straight after lunch!

All set to go!

It was a really tough first third. Straight up hill. You can see from the profile!  We ran when we had the energy, and walked when we didn't. Everything in my legs was burning at this stage!
The elevation profile as taken from Runtastic (with a suspected GPS drop out near the end)

If you smile, you can't feel the pain..

Near the top it was much more enjoyable, a bit more level with only slight up and downhills. We both felt like we were flying after enduring the slow uphills!

An obligatory selfie near the top

A welcome break for a photo! 

Heading back down to the road was challenging too, in a different way. Trying to relax and go with the legs, without feeling like I was going to take off or slip over!  I experienced some strange pains in my torso (front and back) that disappeared once we stopped with the worst of the downhill.  Not sure what it was; perhaps it was my downhill posture? Or the jarring effect? Or a combination of both?

Then all of a sudden we were done! Back to the car and off to the cafe to enjoy a coffee.

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