Monday, 21 March 2016

It's taper time!

Hooray! I've made it through the peak of the training and now it's time to taper before the race, three weeks away. 

Everything's gone pretty well really. The first few weeks of the 12 week plan were a bit hit and miss due to illness, but I've managed to hit pretty much every training run and goals since.  I've surprised myself with speed I haven't seen before, especially over slightly longer distances.  I've done more hills and trail work than I've ever done, and I'm sure that it has benefited me strength wise.

Up this week: 40 min steady run, 45 min interval session (with 15 min tempo), 15km long run with Sonia (in which we'll run the last 5km at 'race pace').

The following week: 40 min steady, 30 min steady, 10km easy.

Then it's race week, with just a couple of 30 min easy runs and the race on the Saturday morning.

Bring it on!

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