Friday, 1 May 2015

Progress Report, end of April 2015

It's been a mixed bag this month - ten days away on holiday including Easter treats, but I feel I've done well. I gained around 1kg but promptly lost it again when I got home and back on track.

Total mileage was 51.2km this month - but only 10 activities compared with 14 in March.

My fastest run was a 4km evening run - 22.07, average pace of 5:31km (the first km was 6:00 and the other three were 5:23 or faster).  This is the fastest I've ever run.  I felt amazing! 

My longest run was 9km last Sunday - a training run where I actually aimed for 8km but misjudged the loop that I added on in the middle.  I got home in 53:54 which is only JUST shy of the 6:00min/km goal I intend to beat next week.

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  1. You're so dedicated! I wish I could be a runner, but my body doesn't cope well with it (dodgy hips). Keep up the awesome work xx