Tuesday, 5 April 2016


A bit run-nerd, but here's my flat runner photo.. What I'll be wearing for the half this weekend. 

Forecast is for 19-20 deg (though it won't be this warm when we start running at 9am). Conditions should be perfect. 

My new Running bare tank (from trademe), marmot run skirt, spibelt for my bliss balls, and a cap to keep hair under control (and also because I feel naked without it!). 

Still undecided about the camelbak, I've trained with it so I am used to it, and it will save me having to pull off to water stations, but I do love the idea of getting to run without it! I'll likely decide on the day. 

As it's an off road half marathon, my new shoes will probably get all mucky but I think this will be better than the lesser grip and cushi-ness of my old shoes.. I'll take both with me in the car in case I change my mind though. 


  1. It was an awesome outfit too!

  2. thank you!! Was so nice to run in a tank too. Something about having your shoulders bare I think!