Monday, 19 October 2015

Some new running kit & a plan of attack

Nope, no new shoes, running shorts or bright new cap. 

Just some orthotic insoles for my shoes. Just off the shelf ones for now, as a trial to see if this nerve problem is a biomechanical one. Potentially my foot movement on landing is causing something to impact on that nerve. 

So, I've been instructed to start very short and light, and work my way up from there.  It feels like I'm starting from scratch again but I'm trying to reassure myself that my body does know how to run, and if I can keep some cardio fitness by swimming in the meantime, hopefully it won't be too frustrating.

I'm wanting to make the most of this though, and try and turn myself into a morning runner. I do NOT get up earlier than I absolutely have to, but only ten minutes earlier to throw on shoes and run round the block for 1km? I could do that. If I really love it, maybe it'll become a habit and getting up at 6/6.30am won't seem so awful... This mama has been spoiled with very good sleeping children, and uses absolutely every minute of sleep in the mornings, usually!!

I've never exercised before eating though, so that'll take some getting used to.  My morning hunger pangs are way less (and sometimes non-existent!) these days since 'turning LCHF'. I suspect the biggest obstacle will be my brain, but starting off with small distances to begin with and building slowly should work well.  I'll be retraining my mind as well as my body!

Below is my rough plan I want to follow - running 3/4 times a week, increasing 'long run' by 0.5km each week but not increasing weekly total by more than 15%. 

Week 1: 4 x 1.5km Total 6km
Week 2: 1 x 2.5km, 2 x 2km - Total 6.5km
Week 3: 1 x 3km, 1 x 2km, 2 x 1.5km - Total 8km
Week 4: 1 x 3.5km, 1 x 3km, 1 x 2.5km - Total 9km
Week 5: 1 x 4km, 2 x 3km - Total 10km 
Week 6: 1 x 4.5km, 1 x 4km, 1 x 3km - Total 11.5km
Week 7: 1 x 5km, 2 x 4km - Total 13km

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  1. Hopefully everything will fall into place again as you start to build your distances up again. Glad you are still able to get out running and enjoy it :)