Thursday, 23 July 2015

2 weeks to go!!

The countdown is on.. 2 weeks and 2 days until the half marathon event and I'm starting to get excited.  Well, truthfully, nervous, but I'm trying to channel that nervous energy into excitement.

I know I can cover the distance. I've done two training runs of 2 hours and covered 20km. So making the distance won't be a problem.  

I have a goal in mind: 2 hours 6 mins (approximately 6min/km average pace), and I'm pretty sure I can achieve this based on the training runs mentioned above

The most important thing though is that I want to enjoy it. It's my first half marathon so of course it's an automatic PR :)  I don't want to get so obsessed with meeting any particular time goal that I actually feel like I've failed because I haven't run 21.1km fast enough!  

Last long run this weekend before the 2 week taper, I'm looking forward to the shorter easier runs :)

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